Thursday, May 27, 2010

Third Round Prediction Standings

Here's our picks for the conference finals along with the updated standings. This time, the stakes were 2 points for the winner as well as 2 additional points for also correctly guessing the amount of games it took them.

Eastern Conference
(7) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (8) Montreal Canadiens
Actual Result:
Flyers in 5
John: Habs in 6 (+0)
Emily: Habs in 7 (+0)
Quinlan: Flyers in 7 (+2)

Western Conference
(1) San Jose Sharks vs. (2) Chicago Blackhawks
Actual Result:
Blackhawks in 4
John: Blackhawks in 5 (+2)
Emily: Blackhawks in 6 (+2)
Quinlan: Blackhawks in 6 (+2)

Standings After Third Round
1. Quinlan- 13 points
2. Emily- 12 points
3. John- 8 points

Ah yes, things are looking quite desperate for yours truly. But don't worry true believers- there's still a very, very slim chance I can catch them! For the Stanley Cup Finals will feature the ultimate stakes- 3 points for the correct winner, and a staggering 4 points for the correct amount of games it takes them to claim Lord Stanley's hardware! Who will come out on top? We'll find out soon!

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